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4-Minute Neck and Shoulders Stretch at Your Desk

Does blogging and working at your computer give you a stiff neck and back?  It is such a common problem for workers in our world today.  Whether you are in an office cubicle, or a work-at home mommy-blogger at the kitchen table, sitting behind that screen for hours on end does not do your body any favors.   You have to use it or lose it!  Move that body!  Get relief in just 4 short minutes.

Yoga teacher Rodney Yee, a pioneer in yoga in the U.S., walks you through a 4-minute routine for stretching your neck and shoulders at your desk.  This is a great solution for anyone short on time and long on stiff muscles.  Give it a try and see how much better you’ll feel and how much more productive you can be.  4 minutes to a healthier and more productive you.



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20 Responses to “4-Minute Neck and Shoulders Stretch at Your Desk”

  1. I love this video!! It works instantly! Thanks so much.

  2. What a relief…. just 4 minutes gave hours of relief… Great. Namaste

  3. Wow. That did wonders!

  4. My neck and right shoulder area have been aching for days. The pain is almost gone after following this short video. Good stuff!

  5. Same here.. This video is gold!

  6. Love it, feel goods.

  7. I’m very new to your videos having just started about 20 minutes ago! I’m thoroughly impressed with what you are doing and look forward to watching all videos even the ones I might not actually be able to do YET! This one found me tearful at the end. Maybe it was the prayer position of the hands, maybe it was Nemaste …. Maybe both. You are masterful & I look forward to learning more about my body through your videos. Wishing you peace and harmony in your life!

  8. Never ceases to be WONDERFUL!

  9. great routine.
    appreciate the pace n voice of demonstrator too. very soothing. thank you

  10. This has turned out to be one of my favorite videos, because I can do some yoga without being afraid that my shirt will ride up and try to choke me.

  11. Wonderful-thank you.

  12. Thank you

  13. great vid!!

  14. Thanks you so much. This helps when I get tension headaches. My co-workers may think I’m crazy, but I feel soo much better!

  15. Thank you Rodney. I love your video! My shoulders love it too… This works like a charm.

  16. Thanks very much for this video. I’ve been doing it every day for over a year now, and it’s saved me from many migraines!

  17. Easy to follow, relaxing, quick, and makes my neck and shoulders feel A LOT better. Thanks for the awesome video!

  18. Thank you 🙂

  19. Rodney, you need to check others in your yoga search USING YOUR NAME. Inappropriate content is posted in your name and my children unfortunately caught a glimpse of such inappropriate content.

  20. Ok