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5 Best Fitness Tips

coach dave

Hi, it’s Coach Dave.  Welcome to How To Get Fit.

I’ve got 5 great weight loss short cuts that I’ve discovered on my journey so far to share with you.

Each is simple, but extremely effective.

Rather than make a long video or a huge e-book that sits on a hard drive somewhere collecting cyber-dust, I decided instead to just break them into bite sized pieces and share them with you this way.  That’s easy, right?

Here’s tip #1:

No matter what any guru tells you, PROPER diet and PROPER exercise are the ONLY way to reach your true fitness goals.

Of course deep down we all know that…but can it really be that SIMPLE?

Here’s what I believe….the only way to make money at something is to make it COMPLICATED.

Late night infomercials with yet another gizmo to get 6 pack abs…a stand up dummy to punch….cables and pullies on the door knob….dvds of a shredded bodybuilder dancing for an hour….you and I both know that trying to help people finally get in shape is a multi-billion dollar business.

LISTEN…I’m middle-aged.  Grey hair and ear hair.   I’ve been around the block a few times.  I have a box of junk in the garage disguised as work out gear to prove it.  You probably do too.

REMEMBER…The BEST workout is the one that you actually DO.

So to recap tip #1 – EVERYTHING is a business model.  Follow the money and be suspicious until you have evidence of your own.  (this applies not just to fitness, but to real life too.  Vote with your wallet.)

BOTTOM LINE – the best diet and exercise programs are simple.  That’s why they work…..BUT it’s hard to SELL simple.  THEY can only make a buck by making it confusing.

Speaking of diets…want to know a trick to lose weight faster?

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