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8 Moves in 8 Minutes — At Home Cardio Workout!

Getting into shape for swimsuit season isn’t easy.  But to get an awesome beach body, you have to work hard at it.

You will want a balanced workout regimen that includes stretching, weight training, proper eating for maximum performance … and of course … some good cardio.  There’s no need to run a marathon to get great cardio.  You can get incredible results in a short workout, if you know how.

Enter Cassey Ho.  Cassey will guide you through a quick, high-intensity, interval training routine that you can do at home.  You will learn 8 effective cardio moves to get your cardio going, burn fat, and feel great.  8 minutes … 8 moves … let’s get started!


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41 Responses to “8 Moves in 8 Minutes — At Home Cardio Workout!”

  1. i did it!! and i am super sweaty.. but all the talking made me giggle the
    whole time and also kept me going! Love ya +Cassey Ho,and thank u so much
    for everything :)

  2. +pooja pillai I just looked at the floor and wondered, when did we get a
    pool in our living room?

  3. +Suzanne Rose i know right.. but it is so worth the results 🙂

  4. +pooja pillai yeeees!

  5. pooja pillai


  6. Can you make a workout for when your sick? Right now i have a super bad
    cold and its hard to follow the calendar. I really wanna workout but i dont
    want to hurt myself! Today i could only do 2 videos before i just stopped
    because i felt horrible and not in the good way! Please help! 

  7. Your body needs energy to heal itself, so if you use that energy to do
    exercise, your sick will last longer! SO JUST REST REST REST TILL YOUR FEEL

  8. Resting is probably the best for you when you’re sick, but if you want some
    exercise I’d suggest just walking around anywhere you can. Doing yoga and
    stretches will probably help you out too. Slower, less intense strength
    focused moves can work, like leg lifts or arm pulses or things like that.

  9. Rose_0616 yeah can you also make one for people who have broke both bones
    in there wrist cuz I have

  10. +phoebe reed leg lifts (of various sorts), hip raises, squats, jogging in
    place, roll ups/sit ups, and more are probably all exercises you can try
    with two hurt wrists. Of course, your health and safety are more important
    than a workout so proceed with caution 🙂

  11. July 9th anyone?

  12. I’m dying and this is the first video….

  13. Here

  14. how do i do butt kicks with no butt?

  15. right?! Like i kick so hard and still don’t touch my butt lol

  16. Ne’Sha I wish I had no butt…

  17. September 10! Who’s dying with me after first round?

  18. 9 poeple

  19. September 10th anyone?

  20. my butt was vibrating so bad after today’s wo!

  21. That’s my birthday!!

  22. Every like I will TRY to not eat
    -French fries
    -any extra snacks
    -not a lot of bread
    -no liquids except water
    -not a lot of sugars (it was just Halloween :/)

    Every like I will also drink 1 small cup of water

    Help people I really need motivation

  23. eyoooo im just starting my diet and excercise too! im cutting of simple
    carbs and eating more of conplex carbs

  24. Louise Jane we should like help each other

    Maybe if u want to
    I’m really awkward

  25. +AwsomeEm Vlogs yeah sure! i’d love to <3

  26. Louise Jane yay!!
    Oh and jsyk y can prob relate I might b kinda busy with school and such

  27. November 12th! ;D

  28. Goddamit, first time doing it (doing December calendar) and I feel like a
    fish out of the water, but it kind of feels good.

  29. Same here

  30. i give up at mountain climbers every single time

  31. Aisha Ali don’t give up 🙂

  32. The same happened to me but I just paused it a little longer and then
    continue with the burpees 😀

  33. In the beginning I was like meh easy peasy I can do this and toward the end
    I was dying haha

  34. Can you do this everyday?

  35. 1 like = 1 day of no junk food + working out

  36. I only make it till 5:30 soooo tiring

  37. 5mins is good enough..

  38. I’m dying

  39. My legs were stiff from yesterday’s 1,000 Squats and is more difficult

  40. preaach D:

  41. Kristina Blaskovic yes..