Best Diet For Lean Muscle?

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Hi it’s Coach David welcome to another episode of How To Get Fit!

I got a question from one of my listeners she said, “Coach Dave what’s the best diet for lean muscle?”


If this is your first time listening to the show welcome! I’m a transformation coach, weight loss consultant and personal trainer. I primarily help busy ladies to live an amazing life by optimizing their exercise and diet.

Let’s talk about lean muscle. I’m going to give you possibly the world’s most boring diet. But some people are really going to love this! I want you to eat a piece of red meat. Yes I know it’s expensive! Do your best. If you can get flank steak at Costco do that.

A piece of steak the size of the the palm of your hand. It’s about a four ounce piece of meat the size of the palm of your hand.

Cook it however you can cook.

Cube it and stir fry, fast and easy. And you’re going to cook a lot of this at one time.

If you’re eating lean ground beef so be it. You’ve got a piece of meat for your quality protein then you’re going to add cooked white rice. You can stir fry it you can add Indian spices, jazz it up. The rice is about the same size as the protein.

And then you’re going to stir fry some vegetables. I like bell peppers I like spinach if you’re in a pinch carrots but be careful carrots are sugary high in carbs.

But you want some nice veggies and the amount of veggies on your plate is roughly the same size as the protein and the rice. So you’re looking at your plate it’s a piece of meat, plain white rice with seasoned herbs and veggies of about the same size covered in an ounce and a half of olive oil.

There you go!

You eat that four or five times a day.

You’re minimizing insulin spikes. You’ve got your healthy fat from your Olive oil. Ounce and a half. And you’ve got your veggies for fiber. You’ve got quality red meat about four ounces. And you’ve got about an equivalent amount of rice.

Whenever you’re hungry that’s what you eat.

You can take it to work. You can prep it in bulk.

Is it the world’s most boring diet? Possibly. But many people love simplicity, they love routine, and they love predictability and they love the results of packing on muscle and stripping off body fat!

There you go. We just dipped our toe in the water. We can talk about this. Reach out to me I’m here to help. You can find me at I appreciate you have an amazing day!





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