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Can You Lose Weight On The 5:2 Diet?

Walk down the health and fitness aisle of any big box, old school book store and you will be shocked and amazed by the sheer number of diet books.

What’s the hottest diet program in Europe currently?

Without a doubt it’s the 5:2 Diet, the creation of Dr. Michael Mosley.

It incorporates the concept of “intermittent fasting”.

You eat a sensible-eating menu for 5 days of the week, and for 2 days of the week you eat 600-800 clean calories.  Some fitness experts believe that short-term fasting can reset insulin response, stimulate hormones, and increase your overall feeling of wellness.

Celebrities like Beyonce and Benedict Cumberbatch are rumoured to be big followers of the eating plan.


“For two ‘fasting’ days every week, dieters must limit themselves to just 600 calories – a demand that even the most ardent can find extremely challenging.

But now the diet’s creator, Dr Michael Mosley, is about to make things significantly easier – by unveiling a new version of his ‘Fast Diet’ that allows followers to eat 800 calories on their fasting days, spread over three meals. “Source: DailyMail


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