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Healthy Breakfast Bars with Susan Jane White

Breakfast bars are available everywhere, but those treats you find in your grocery store are often not much healthier than a candy bar.  Pre-packaged bars are often chock full of hidden sugars, preservatives and unhealthy carbs.  You can do better than that to start your day!

In this video Susan Jane White shares her Jamie Oliver inspired recipe for Healthy Breakfast bars.  This recipe is full of natural and healthy ingredients like dates, oats, protein-rich nuts and seeds.  Containing healthy fat from coconut oil, and sweetened with only the natural sugars found in the the dates, these bars are a delicious treat your whole family will love.  What a convenient and healthy way to start your day!  Why not make a double batch?  You know you’ll go through these yummy, and satisfying breakfast bars fast.

Megawatt Breakfast Bars (makes 20-24)

140 ml melted extra virgin coconut oil

80 ml good quality honey (or maple syrup for vegans)

2 handfuls of regular pitted dates (100g)

1 banana, mashed

1-2 teaspoons cinnamon

Freshly grated nutmeg, a pinch

Generous pinch of sea salt flakes

200 g oats (use certified gluten-free oats for coeliacs)

100 g walnuts, roughly broken

100 g ground almonds

Handful of sunflower seeds

For full recipe and directions, please visit Susan Jane White at:  http://susanjanewhite.com/healthy-breakfast-bars-me-on-jamie-oliver/


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  1. it would be awesome if you coud put the recipe in the video discription 😉

  2. +oTK89o and also some info on how long you can keep them (in the fridge?) and still eat them 😉

  3. +oTK89o would make life easier, but you can roughly figure it out with the ingredient that goes off first

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  10. Love the channel and everything. But one small question: why is everyone saying that subscribing is free? Are there people on the internet who thinks it’s a paid service or what? No hate here, just asking.

  11. +Bence Illés Probably mate. Tbh like a quarter of Foodtubes subscriber base are probably middle age moms who searched “Jamie Oliver” on Youtube after getting their first PC a few days ago.

  12. +Bence Illés Youtube does have paid subscription channels. Plus it just drives home the whole “what do you have to lose” aspect.

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  15. +Bence Illés think their idea is ‘free subscription for free recipes. doesn’t hurt’

  16. She’s awesome! Love her voice, and she is so pretty!

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  19. Can I substitute the nutmeg for dried fennel seed? Amazing recipe. Keep ’em coming 🙂

  20. what is the nutritional info of these please?!

  21. Also I was wondering, could I use ground flax in replacement of the ground almonds in this recipe?

  22. Rehena S between 150-190 per portion(20-24 portions). The whole is like 3800 calories aproximately

  23. Music used in the video???

  24. mine was a disaster! it all crumbled but tasted delllliscious!!!

  25. Does anyone have the macros for these per bar or for the entire amount made based on the recipe? No nutritional info in the description.

  26. between 150-190 calories per portion 🙂

  27. that does look like a tasty treat…the breakfast bars too.

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  35. This recipe is awesome, I made myself some of those cookies just now, they are perfect and they are so tasty !
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