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Inner Thigh Gap Clarity Workout in Just 10 Minutes

For anyone with “problem” thighs you know how frustrating it is to find an exercise program that helps tone or shrink those thighs.  Well, wait no longer, here is a workout that is quick and produces results.

Join Donnie as she shows you how to tone those thighs and get the legs you work so hard for, in a quick 10 minute routine.




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74 Responses to “Inner Thigh Gap Clarity Workout in Just 10 Minutes”

  1. I just started doing this workout. I made it through the end. I will be
    doing this twice a day for a month, if you guys want any updates just
    thumbs up or comment, I will update you, I promise 🙂 Also, going to eat
    less junk food

  2. Hello, i wana do this workout but im afraid ill get muscular thighs!
    I wana slimmer skinny thighs, does this help?

  3. Hi I wonder, I don’t want to have visible muscles I just want a tigh gap
    and thinner legs. So what stretch do I need to do so I won’t get visible
    muscles? Like before and after and for how long?

  4. make sure you stretch so you don’t get muscular thighs 🙂

  5. Damon Salvatore how’s the results?

  6. Does anyone else have really skinny caves and big thighs

  7. superpurplechloe ME OMG

  8. I have thick calves and thighs..my body is super proportionate. SOMETIMES

  9. Yep it sucks

  10. superpurplechloe meeee

  11. how many times do you reccomend I do this for week?


  13. Kpop infired me lol i just feel like everyones here for yoongis legs


  15. I did a thigh gap exercise yesterday, and today my legs are hurting, should
    I take a few days rest then continue or just do it again today. Please fast

  16. Not a few days, maybe one day. At first, try and push as much as you can to
    do it everyday. If you really can’t, do it every other day

  17. +Catie Monroe? thanks but i managed to do it!

  18. +Kloe Gilliam Nice!

  19. +Catie Monroe? thanks

  20. no , if you stop the pain wont go and then the next time you do it , it
    will pain again so keep going hun 🙂

  21. My thighs are 49 cm (very huge) I’m gonna be doing it and keep you guys
    updated hope it works!! wish me luck! <3

  22. +Daniela Gučková No 🙁 my upper body is smaller I have pear shaped body :/
    and I measured from the biggest area of my thighs not the middle I’m 40
    from the middle I don’t mind having 61cm thighs as long as my body is not
    pear shaped :/

  23. +Ornella Alsendi any difference?

  24. +Nana Beauty Nooopee I’m doing other workouts 😀 I’m gonna try to do this 3
    times a week! 🙂 when I get results I’ll surely tell you!

  25. okayyy i’m gonna do this too !! and i’m gonna eat healthy i’ll tell u too

  26. Ornella Alsendi that is not huge. mine are like 23 inches

  27. It seems like this workout would really lift the butt too.

  28. That’s bad because I have a big bum already ::/

  29. BruhhItsAurora I hear so many people say that they don’t wanna do things
    like squats bc they “don’t want a bigger butt”. But if you already have a
    big butt, it’s probably not muscle. This is the same thing as having the
    butt you have now, except it’ll be turned into muscle and you’ll definitely
    be more fit. Seriously, care for your body.

  30. +Sparkling Bliss I’m a gymnast with a thigh gap and I’m skinny and short
    with a huge butt. I don’t know how to slim it :/

  31. +BruhhItsAurora Love yourself. Don’t conform to society’s idea of hating
    your body unless its totally, 100% proportionate.

  32. Damn the Army is all over this comment section. Do we really want J-hope’s
    legs that bad?

  33. i want suga’s legs

  34. that elephant on taehyung’s arm LMAOO IKR but i want yoongi’s legs tho

  35. I started yesterday, I’ll keep you updated!

  36. +Elli Schaf if you stretch before and after you wont get bigger muscles

  37. +watasiwa_a how does it look now? Are they thinner? ❤️

  38. +Happy Thinking Is Healthy yeah they are a lot thinner than they used to be

  39. Thanks

  40. watasiwa_a thank you

  41. Decided that I am going to try this! (: posting this so I can have the
    motivation. I’ll update y’all. Did my first time tonight! Going to be doing
    it once a day for two weeks to see if I notice a difference.

  42. Jenny Webb

  43. Keep on, updates too please 🙂

  44. So, did you start again? 🙂 What about now, do you see any difference? D:

  45. Jenny Webb good!

  46. Jenny Webb excuses excuses

  47. I started today I will keep you updated!
    Day 1: I was screaming and telling my screen i hated it while my legs were
    shaking and in the end I was happy! XD

  48. Serena Pixie have you noticed any results yet?

  49. Day 2: It’s actually gotten a little harder and my abs have started to feel
    pain but I think thats because of gymnastics xD. I’ll keep going tho

  50. Also I feel like no one cares so I might stop this :((

  51. +Serena Pixie no pls , I am about to start today , we can do it together :))

  52. how’s it going? 🙂

  53. it’s like a month that i’ve been doing this. i’ll do this for a year. i did
    this once a day for two weeks and now i’m doing these exercises three times
    a day for the rest of the year. i saw a little difference 🙂
    i go to swim two times a week and i eat less and healtier than before. i’ll
    keep you updated when i’ll see results :)

  54. +Mariam Mariam yes

  55. Were you eating healthy? Because if you barely saw results there must be
    something wrong.

  56. +Aurela Gj. Yes, i did and i do. Now i see results. I think that i didn’t
    see big results before maybe because i wasn’t overweight, and for a person
    that doesn’t have to get skinnier is much more difficult to lose weight
    than an overweight person

  57. +kahoot That’s great! Right now I am sadly overweight and it’s hard, but
    I’m trying to get through it! I got off track from doing this workout
    because something came up and I wasn’t able to workout without cramps..you
    probably guessed it already! Haha, thanks for the reply.

  58. I’m going to do this for 2 weeks. Right now my thighs are 23.5 inches at
    the largest part and touching. thumbs up if you want me to give updates.

  59. Aranais Boyer please update

  60. ok. i havent been doing this as much as i should have but i did do it some
    and my inner thighs have a lot more muscle than they used to. i haven’t
    measured them again though.


  62. тαєнуυиgѕ #1 нσє Hwasa’s body is actually a gift from God

  63. Anyone here for their New Years Resolution? Let’s accomplish our goals in

  64. Did anyone else watch a K-pop video and then come here?

  65. Jesus that hurt like hell . Made it through four minutes and fifty five

  66. i have been doing this for 3 days, and as crazy as this sounds i really see
    a slight difference!! i’m so happy. i have pretty big thighs, but doing
    this workout and taking a picture after everytime i have noticed the
    slightest change!!! i’ll keep everyone updated on my progress. oh and i
    haven’t changed my diet, but i usually try to et about 2,000 cals a day if
    anyone was wondering

  67. princess pinky my pleasure haha 🙂 well i did this workout twice yesterday.
    i really have noticed a pretty significant difference for when i wear
    shorts, which is crazy to say because i’ve only been doing it for 7 days!!!

  68. Delaney Deary whoooa that motivates me to work out! Lol thank you!

  69. princess pinky haha no problem! about to do mine right now

  70. thank you!! you are still doing this? i just started and it burns!! i
    really want to see results, do your thighs slimmed, have you measured?

  71. Delaney Deary oh yeah so I’ve been doing this several times and the first
    time I was sore but after the other few times I wasn’t sore at all. My legs
    were on fire during the exercise but they weren’t sore afterwards. Lol
    should I do this several times in a day or should I move on to another

  72. Starting from January the 16th 2017 (Day 1) I will keep you guys updated
    until I have accomplish a thigh gap!!!!

  73. I’ll join the crew too!! 😀

  74. HeilannahMisipeka of course, btw I love your name!!!❤️