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Is The Ketogenic Diet Safe?

In the early 1980’s the collective wisdom surrounding food took a bizarre and damaging turn, impacting millions of Baby Boomers in the west.

Rather than eating like their grandparents did, people began embracing a low-fat, high-carbohydrate lifestyle.  It was encouraged by governments, scientists, and of course, billions in media spent on primarily television.

The result?  Epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, cancers and heart disease.

What have we learned 35 years later?

Is fat really the enemy, or is it a vital nutrient, critical for health?

” Why low carb, high fat?

According to nutritionist Anthony Power, by drastically reducing carbohydrates in the diet, increasing fat and pushing the body into ketosis (when your body burns ketones – or fat), the body uses a more stable source of fuel.

“The ketogenic diet is producing an alternative fuel for the body, not fuelling primarily on glucose from carbohydrates. It’s fuelling on the breakdown of fat. We don’t need outside glucose,” Power said.

“A few thousand years ago, the body needed to be able to break down our own fat, or fat in animal products, to fuel our brain and body.  And it did that by ketones.”  Source – Huffington Post

Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe?



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