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Mexican-Style Shrimp Cocktail by Chef Rick Bayless

A classic appetizer or starter, shrimp cocktail is enjoyed the world over.  Chef Rick Bayless shares with us his Mexican-style shrimp cocktail recipe.  Using fresh ingredients, Rick has put together a delicious recipe that combines Mexican flavors (you can make yours spicy or not), using cilantro and a little hot sauce, and adding a little textural contrast with crunchy jicama or cucumber, and delicious and nutritious avocado.  What an inspired combination of ingredients!

Healthy, and delicious, you’re sure to add this shrimp cocktail to your repertoire of favorite (and diet-friendly) recipes.


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16 Responses to “Mexican-Style Shrimp Cocktail by Chef Rick Bayless”

  1. He seems tired

  2. Rick probably wished he was on a Mexican beach, enjoying this shrimp cocktail. It does look good.

  3. To much tequila makes ur hair white lol but true

  4. i wouldnt use buffalo or valentina..  the best is a homemade or local brand.. or tabasco or even lousiana style hot sauce..  never heard of  tamazula brand. sounds local Jalisco?  im mexican..    jicama or cucumber are usually used more  in western mexico .. you can add some of the poaching water to the sauce.. 

  5. I prefer salsa bufalo o salsa huichol son mas para ese tipo de cocteles, la valentina sabe mas a vinagre

  6. Im white on the outside, but my stomach is pure Mexican, dont knock Valentina until you’ve tried it, its not like its made in new york or something, it brings that perfect balance between heat and flavor, i want you to buy a little bottle and re-post me back, cheers!

  7. Tamazula is the company that makes Valentina. Valentina is just more famous.

  8. They are common in seafood places.

  9. Replace the jicama with tomato

  10. You can tell he’s been all over Mexico. I love the respect he’s got over Mexican cuisine.

  11. we have served this 1,000 times to guests – as appetizers, as a side, on top of lettuce as a main. LOVE IT YUM

  12. wow, it looks yummy, thanks for sharing this with us.

  13. This is about as good as it gets. I use a lot of hot pepper and diced habanero.

  14. Mouthwatering as usual! Bravo!

  15. rick’s the man when it come’s to Mexican Cuisine

  16. THIS GUY IS THE BOMB, I found Mexican shrimp cocktail at a good Mexican restaurant, this recipe is IT perfectly!, but i didn’t like it at first when at the restaurant, then it grew on me, now a regular shrimp cocktail just doesn’t compare,…………I like more cilantro and avocado!