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Six Pack Abs In 20 Minutes – Advanced At Home Abs Workout

6 Pack abs in 20 minutes?  Impossible you say?  Not if you know how!

This advanced 20 minute ab workout will tone you abs and strengthen your core.  Lower abdominal fat has a correlation to lower risk of heart disease also, so you will look good and feel great.

Pair doing this challenging and effective 20 minute workout 3 times a week on alternating days with a healthy whole foods diet, and you are sure to see some amazing results in just a few weeks.


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36 Responses to “Six Pack Abs In 20 Minutes – Advanced At Home Abs Workout”

  1. How are u smiling?? I’m freaking dying!!

  2. +MichaellaCalloway That’s AWESOME!!

  3. Haha! You may be dying but at least your doing it. I still can’t make it to
    the end of the routine. I will get there one day!

  4. Natasha ButterFly View smile through the pain (;

  5. Natasha ButterFly View

  6. we’re gonna plank for just 20 secs! 30 seconds later.. 10, 9, 8

  7. +lovechocolat literally lol!

  8. squeeeeeeeeeze your belly to your spine… …. …. 7 .. 6…

  9. Guys download the best Six pack abs building program over here:
    GetSixPackAbs5.blogspot.com I personally tried it and I get great

  10. This is all so hilariously true!!!!! 😀

  11. Birden Borderd h

  12. Thank u! Killer workout! You look amazing btw!

  13. She has the perfect amount of muscle on her.

  14. out of all the gym ra fitness people ive seen shes the best

  15. so true

  16. so true

  17. she is great at what she does. she waste no time either!

  18. I agree

  19. Ashley Lopez

  20. Que Delicia de mulher.

  21. I love your body!

  22. y ou are so beautiful

  23. Mohamed Abdou thank you 😉

  24. 试了一组动作非常有感,准备练习一段时间看效果,赞赞赞!

  25. Всем привет, заходи на наш канал, у нас много видео по программе Джиллиан
    Майклс “Революция тела” … Спасибо.»

  26. 9:42 7 a clock?

  27. Hiiii my name is also Liana finally I know some with the same name as me

  28. Die Frau ist so hardcore!

  29. plz post abs exercise after a C-section

  30. 2nd time I’ve done this workout, I’ve done a few of your other ones. Thank
    you! I feel the burn. To everyone else, keep it up, it gets easier.

  31. That’s great! So glad you’re enjoying Christine’s routines. It’s true – it
    DOES get easier. Persistence is key 🙂

  32. For how long have you been working out? I´ve got about the same physique as
    you, took me about one or two years, but as a men (/boy, i´m 15) its much
    easier, of course.

  33. I could really feel this on my stomach it is so good.

  34. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for working out with us 🙂

  35. Wow I can’t wait to try this!

  36. Let us know how it goes!