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Stretches for Back Pain Relief – Beginner Yoga Stretch Routine

Beginner Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief  — if you’re someone with back pain, these words will get your attention.  Look no further for a relaxing, stress-reducing routine to help ease your pain in the comfort of your own home.

Yoga instructor Jen Hilman will guide you through the proper way to do a variety of stretches for your back.  With these exercises you will increase your flexibility, while getting some back pain relief at the same time.  Along with easing back pain, you will also learn to ease tense shoulders and improve your posture after long periods of sitting.  This comprehensive stretch routine will become one of your favorites!

Join Jen in this stretch routine, and start feeling better today.



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44 Responses to “Stretches for Back Pain Relief – Beginner Yoga Stretch Routine”

  1. im 16 and i have lots of back pain, my elderly years are going to be actual
    living hell:’)

  2. if you get a routine in, on these stretches and care not to harm your back,
    with excessive heavy or awkward lifting, i believe you’ll be fine. Don’t
    minimize its importance. I am 53 and have suffered from back pain for over
    20 years, it is very manageable, if you keep a daily routine. I have for 2
    years now and for as bad as my back its, i have it under control, i only
    suffer from minor discomfort.

  3. same I know how you feel

  4. you are not alone

  5. mine started when i was 12, people at school make fun of how i
    walk….backaches + heartaches

  6. branden garcia same I’m 12

  7. Can men and women stretch the same length?
    I’m a dude and can’t seem to stretch like u guys.

  8. Kinda. Estrogen in women cause their connective tissue to be more elastic i
    think. It is to help with the birth process. Pretty a more precise
    explanation but it def has to do with estrogen

  9. This video is great for when you can’t access Pornhub at work!

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  11. lol I actually thought the same when the video started

  12. +Catherine Chaisson me too.. so we all have dirty mind

  13. +Catherine Chaisson me too.. so we all have dirty mind

  14. You should find a better hobby.

  15. I found this vid easy to masturbate to

  16. So true cause she is very sensual while doing it and very gorgeous!

  17. wtf man lol

  18. Am I the only one in love with this girl? Lol… I’m a hard laborer and a
    combat vet, and I desperately need these stretches. There’s times I can’t
    even get out of bed. I’m not sure if it’s amuscle problem or a nerve
    problem. Either way, the stretching helps :)

  19. Jacob Grzanowicz Nope! Me too, buddy!

  20. like wise bro, best ive seen online that actually helped alot. thanks

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  22. ???

  23. +ujwala A ?? what

  24. I came here for back pain ended up with wrist pain

  25. lol you made my day.:-)

  26. thank you so much for this video! this yoga really helps me a lot!

  27. pang tatlong araw ko palang ngayon pero nawala na yung iniinda kong sakit
    since 2008. 🙂

  28. Same here 3rd day ko pa lang din. And try mo din yung sa wrist and fingers

  29. Haha i cannot! kalurkey split talaga

  30. yo, may nakakakita sau pag naggaganito ka? ako nakakulong sa kwarto. ayoko
    me nakakakita sakin nagtututuwad ako. nagyo yoga na din ako. haha

  31. This helped my back a lot. Thanks!

  32. How long you did this one already? I also have lower back pain

  33. +Elena Xie You need to do it regularly. I recommend at least twice a week.
    Yoga in general is very good to alleviate back pain and just feel better
    physically and mentally.

  34. I was about to go to a chiroprator for my back pain. But I did these
    techiques and my back feeling a little better. Thank you

  35. So happy this helped you!

  36. This helped my lower back pain. I sit in an office all day and I come home
    feel exhausted and achy. After doing these stretches, a relaxed, limber
    feeling has replaced my achiness. Thanks!

  37. this helps lots

  38. This was actually very relaxing. Thank you!

  39. Thats great. It helps every time!

  40. i really feel better and the stretches were not so hectic, thank you

  41. Lovely stretches Jan. Thank you for sharing your technique and peaceful

  42. You are outrageously pretty.

  43. worked 4 me

  44. it really helps thank you so much…