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Zumba Dance Workout for Weight Loss

Have you heard about Zumba?  These days, who hasn’t?  The Zumba craze has swept the world with it’s fun, rhythmic and addictive dance workouts.

Who says exercise has to be boring?  With Zumba there’s never a dull moment.  Zumba offers so many different dances and dance routines to learn and experience.  Even if you think you have “two left feet” you can follow along with the dancers who do a more modified version of the moves until you learn a few steps and feel comfortable enough to really bust a move.

With this awesome video, you can have so much fun dancing while you are getting fit and losing weight in the comfort of your own home.  Go ahead … Enjoy … and Have a Blast!!


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44 Responses to “Zumba Dance Workout for Weight Loss”

  1. You burn 150kcal per hr with this lol. Waste of time for weight loss. But
    it’s fun.

  2. +FeatherBlack O.o point taken

  3. +FeatherBlack you are definitely right about that chocolate cake ;-;

  4. Ciao

  5. You are misinformed concerning the calories burned doing Zumba.

  6. Im 14 I lost 3 kgs in 10 days, healthy food + zumba only ❤️ thank you so

  7. Miss Sally

  8. ranalahmadi 50kg is 110lbs, right? 110lbs isn’t a lot.

  9. Miss Lebanon its only 3 min dance .. should i repeat it for half an hour or
    one hour? guide me

  10. emo girl. whatever makes you comfortable dont push yourself to hard. But
    half an hour twice a day should be fine. 🙂

  11. I lost 5kg just watching it

  12. hahahha

  13. Good song

  14. lolzz

  15. Zumba

  16. lmaoo u killed me

  17. i’ll be doing this for 2 weeks, 2 times a day and eating healthy. i’ll be
    back in two weeks. reply to remind me

  18. how


  20. sum ok i remind u

  21. sum hi my dear how can I join you?

  22. would you like to join me please?/ I’m struggling to lose weight

  23. I’m a senior citizen. If I did that tonight I’d be in traction tomorrow.

  24. Hahaha you are hilarious !!!

  25. Tine Mdlp 8مببىلق

  26. Is doing this twice a day and sticking to a 1200 calorie diet while doing
    40 minute walks 4 days a week enough to lose 15kg?

  27. It’s best if you do zumba tutorials for 40 minutes straight at least twice
    a week plus your diet and 40 minute walks. Hope this helps

  28. Monique

  29. +Pakistan Zindabad Whats up

  30. Dont lose too much in a small time bro, You might get massive strech marks

  31. Monique

  32. pls tell song name
    awesome zumba

  33. Amita Goyal
    souad dj bouje

  34. اسم الاغنيه ايه!!!

  35. Aya Dawood zumba

  36. Aya Dawood

  37. My baby sister is 2 and she tries to keep up its so funny

  38. you could have made a video of her and posted it, we would love to see

  39. The girl in the pink is really distracting because she just doesn’t seem
    into it

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  41. o yeah I loss my wight

  42. how much u lose and in how much time

  43. I just got tierd watching you ladies. Lol looks like a lot of fun.

  44. love it. makes me miss doing zumba where I first tried it 🙁 I’ll have to
    go back to that city one day.